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On April 10th, an unexpected Sam went to a SoulCycle class. To be honest, she was terrified. The only reason she was even at this class was because she was having a severe case of FOMO – The problem was Jera (IG: @WorkoutBean) & Remi (IG: @Rrayyme) were hosting a SoulCycle event for BBG Girls and Sam just couldn’t face the idea of not going.

Now you’re probably wondering where this intense fear of failure prior to the class came from… Well 4 years prior, Sam attended a cycling class at her university and within the first 5 minutes she abandoned it and found herself nearly passed out on the bathroom floor. She was done. She thought she’d never be strong enough to handle a spin. She believed it just wasn’t in her DNA. But FOMO has serious powers!

So she sucked it up and went to her first class. Hiding in the far back left row Sam hoped she wouldn’t be noticed. However midway through the class, the instructor, Brian called Sam out and told her she needed to add more resistance. She was stronger than she thought.



Was the class hard? Oh you bet it was. Did she think she was gonna die? You have no idea. It felt like death was on her doorstep the whole time. But Sam was 5 months BBG STRONG. So she survived her first SoulCycle class and not only did she survive, she was reborn. Reborn a SoulCycler. From that moment forward, Sam knew she was beginning a journey that would take her places she never expected.

With SoulCycle on the brain 24/7 from that moment forward, Sam was on a mission to become more involved in this amazingly, encouraging community. Then fellow #BBGgirl Melissa (IG: posted a potential job opening in one of the BBG Facebook Groups, Sam applied and well the rest is history…


But not! Because when Sam joined the SoulCycle Family, SoulCycle was in the middle of one of their #TurnItUp20 challenges and Sam couldn’t not participate. So she somehow managed to sequeeze 19 classes in 15 days. Experiencing 6 doubles in the matter of 9 days. Is Sam crazy? Well yes. Yes she is. But one thing Sam discovered during those 15 days was a high on life like no other. Her spirit was lifted so high, nothing else mattered.


It started off as a workout and somehow along the way, it became a way of life. A beautiful, fast paced, Tap It Back life.

Sam’s current SoulCycle Class Tally is 39.


To put it simply she’s in LOVE. The mentality of SoulCycle with the Rhythm of a Club speaks to Sam’s Soul. She’s never felt so in tuned with her emotions and what she wants in life. To put it simply, Sam believes SoulCycle and her were meant to be.


  • Westlake Village
  • Malibu
  • Hollywood
  • Culver City
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Beverly Hills
  • Pasadena
  • West Hollywood
  • Santa Monica
  • Downtown LA


  • Brentwood
  • Newport Beach
  • Calabasas

Upcoming Rides:

  • WSLK – Weekend of 3/17/17

INSTRUCTORS: (All to be reviewed soon… But they’re all awesome! Like I seriously leave every class thinking – THAT WAS THE BEST CLASS EVER!)

JULIA: “Take ownership of your successes.” (17 Classes)

If you can’t tell… I sort of adore Julia. This rockstar will have you feeling like Channing Tatum via Magic Mike or Betty White and Sandra Bullock via The Proposal. But not only that, she might throw in some Across the Universe or a little Ariana Grande or T. Swift. Honestly just take her class and feel the love she has for what she’s doing and be prepared to TWERK. Not really… well sort of… I mean you’ll definitely be TAPPING IT BACK!

PS Here’s Her IG: @juliabaggish

  • 4/26/16 – WSLK
  • 5/8/16 – CLVR
  • 5/10/16 – WSLK
  • 5/12/16 – WSLK
  • 5/16/16 – WSLK
  • 5/17/16 – WSLK
  • 5/18/16 – WSLK
  • 5/20/16 – WSLK
  • 5/23/16 – HLWD
  • 6/3/16 – WSLK
  • 6/10/16 – WSLK
  • 6/15/16 – HLWD
  • 6/16/16 – WSLK
  • 6/28/16 – WSLK
  • 6/30/16 – WSLK
  • 7/19/16 – WSLK
  • 9/25/16 – HLWD

HEATHER P.: “Every setback is a setup for a comeback!” (8 Classes)

PS Here’s HIS IG: @heatherpeggs

  • 1/10/17 – SAMO
  • 1/19/17 – SAMO
  • 2/2/17 – SAMO
  • 2/9/17 – SAMO
  • 2/16/17 – SAMO
  • 2/23/17 – SAMO
  • 3/2/17 – SAMO
  • 3/7/17 – SAMO

JAKE: “Always start with a grateful heart!” (5 Classes)

PS Here’s HIS IG: @jakewhetter

  • 5/6/16 – WSLK
  • 5/10/16 – WSLK
  • 5/12/16 – WSLK
  • 5/17/16 – WSLK
  • 7/1/16 – WSLK

ASHLEY: “We are stronger than we think we are. Body and SOUL. ” (5 Classes)

PS Here’s Her IG: @ashleyroe17

  • 5/4/16 – WSLK
  • 5/16/16 – WSLK
  • 6/2/16 – WSLK
  • 6/9/16 – WSLK
  • 7/7/16 – WSLK

JOEY: “Keep Exploring.” (5 Classes)

PS Here’s HIS IG: @joeydeclan

  • 5/13/16 – MNBH
  • 5/17/16 – WSLK
  • 6/11/16 – WSLK
  • 7/4/16 – WSLK
  • 7/16/16 – WSLK

MADELEINE: “Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen.”(3 Classes)

  • 11/5/16 – CLVR
  • 1/3/17 – CLVR
  • 1/28/17 – CLVR

ALLI: “Life is too short to be serious all the time.” (4 Classes)

PS Here’s Her IG: @alliforsythe

  • 5/11/16 – WSLK
  • 6/6/16 – WSLK
  • 7/3/17 – WSLK
  • 2/12/17 – WSLK

TIFF D: “Fearlessness…Apply Daily!” (5 Classes)

That time her class gave me hope and made me realise that all I really want in life is Happiness.

PS Here’s Her IG: @_tiffanydaniels_

  • 5/15/16 – MLBU
  • 6/23/16 – MLBU
  • 11/12/16 – DTLA
  • 2/4/17 – DTLA
  • 2/11/17 – DTLA

DANI R: “You deserve your best.”

I absolutely loved her! I literally smiled the whole time! Check out this amazing article on her here!

PS Here’s Her IG: @daninirvana

  • 6/25/16 – PNDA

DAVID: “Your presence is your power. “

David says, “My riders discover that no desire, dream or goal is unattainable.” SO UNBELIEVABLY TRUE!

PS Here’s HIS IG: @spinvillain

  • 5/9/16 – HLWD

BRIANA: “You are enough. You are so enough. It is unbelievable how enough you are.”

PS Here’s Her IG: @briananicoleee

  • 5/7/16 – MLBU

DANIELA: “You can struggle, but you do not Quit.”

PS Here’s Her IG:

  • 12/3/16 – WEHO

LINDSEY C: “Ride your bike like you OWN IT!”

PS Here’s Her IG: @crago23

  • 5/11/16 – CLVR

LINDSEY W: “You have the power to live the life you want.”

  • 3/5/17 – CLVR

EVAN: “Live less out of habit, more out of intent.”

PS Here’s His IG: @evanarbour

  • 2/19/17 – BLVU

BRIAN: “If it was easy, everyone would do it. ” 

PS Here’s HIS IG: @btoned

  • 4/10/16 – BVHL: MY FIRST SOUL CYCLE CLASS EVER!!! This was one of those life changing moments where


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