Happy Fall From My Cuddl Duds

It’s officially cuffing season AKA time to put on your Cuddl Duds


Hi Lovelies! It’s been a while… said me always. SO, I wanted to check in and say hello. I’m pretty sure the last time I checked in SUMMER hadn’t even started. Whoops!

However I’m hopefully to the idea that’s all going to change real soon! Mostly because I’m no longer flying home to Washington every other weekend to work on TACOMPTON.

So I’m back at base camp, aka LA, for the time being and getting back in the groove of things down here. I’m also less than a month away from my 1 Year at work in the corporate world which is mental!

While I sometimes hate on LA (#often #wanderlust #takemeabroad), I’m sort of obsessed with my current apartment & space down here and I finally feel like it’s a home. For those of you that don’t know the last year of living spaces has been a rocky one to say the least… And one of the main reasons I’m in love with my current living situation is because of our private rooftop deck where I’ve been working on my Writing, Tanning and Life Planning with a splash of Yoga, Daydreaming and Canoodling.

It’s also where I’ve come to realize that for the first time LA isn’t confused by the term Fall because the mornings are full of crisp air and there is actually dew on the grass. And while I am sad to see summer go, I’m admittedly a bit excited to regain my fall wardrobe & to also add some new pieces into the mix.

https://ooh.li/99476ca IMG_7427 https://ooh.li/99476ca

Which is why I’m very excited to have partnered with Cuddl Duds & JCPenney to explore more of the world of #LivinginLayers and I must say I’m loving it.

IMG_7429 IMG_7426 IMG_7425

To be honest I’m not the biggest fan of layers, however Cuddl Duds may have persuaded me otherwise. Between there thin-yet-ever-so-comfy-black-scoop-crew-neck-long-sleeve shirt and their fleece wrap, I’m basically in pure bliss. I kid you not, I’m pretty sure I’ve thrown on this wrap every day after work and lived in it all weekend long. There’s something about a wrap with thumb-holes & pockets that just makes it super awesome (#superawesome is one of my dad’s catch phrases, even if he denies it).

IMG_7415 IMG_7416 IMG_7373

Cuddl Duds are essential to the living in layers mentality. They are smooth and have a clean fit. Part of the reason I’m usually weary of layering is because I hate the feeling of being bulky, but not in these guys. They are the perfect thickness to keep you warm and looking good. Not to mention they are really really soft.


Between chilly mornings sitting on our patio drinking coffee and scrolling through Instagram to late night strolls around the neighborhood or even the occasional Netflix & Chill, Cuddl Duds are a great staple I’m happy to have added to my closet.

Now I also mentioned at the very beginning that it is also the start of cuffing season… so stay tuned for my next post on that because I’m starting a dating series and cuffing goes hand and hand with cuddling 😉


Cuddl Duds Fleecewear Long Sleeve Hoodie Wrap  Cuddl Duds Climatesmart® Long-Sleeve Crewneck Shirt  | Cuddl Duds Flex Fit 


26 Goals For My 26th Year


The summer I turned 26…

I know the line above will undoubtedly be used in something I write over the next year, so I figured I’d give myself a head start and use it today seeing as it’s My 26 Birthday. CRINGE. While some will say, ‘aw baby girl you’re young,’ others will point out that nope… ‘I’m def OLD AF.’ Either way, today is My 26 Birthday and instead of FOREVER CRYING about how old I’m getting, I decided I would put my best efforts forward to embrace this NEW YEAR with a list of 26 Goals to Accomplish in CELEBRATION of turning another year older and of course much wiser 😉

Plus, they say putting something out into the atmosphere helps it manifest itself and there’s definitely a few things on my list that will need some extra POSITIVE THOUGHTS, LOVE, ENCOURAGEMENT & FAITH, HOPE, DREAMS, PRAYERS… Literally anything you can give me would be much appreciated… HAHAHAHA

#IJustWannaBeAShowrunner & then travel the world 😉

26 Goals For My 26th Year:

  1. Get My TV Show Optioned – Starting off the year with BIG GOALS!
  2. Rebrand My Website & ReLaunch My YouTube Channel (COMING THIS JULY!)
  3. Record 1 Second Everyday for my 26th Year – w/ this app
    • Today’s video cue I’m a dork from my Brother
  4. Post 1 Musical.ly Everday – I’m ridiculous here
  5. Direct My Short Film
    • We all got some Dirty Laundry & I’d like to serpentine mine onto your computer screen!
  6. Write a Romantic Comedy
    • Finally write the Ultimate Seattle-based Rom Com! WARNING: This will likely be based on dating apps and awkward encounter #MYLYFE
  7. Direct the Romantic Comedy
    • Because… WHY NOT?!
  8. Run a 5K (August 2017)
  9. Run a 10K (September 2017)
  10. Take a Cooking Class
  11. Host a Fitness Event
  12. Become a Personal Trainer
  13. #YogaEveryDamnDay – for one month straight
  14. Read You’re A Badass
  15. Go Back to Stagecoach
  16. Learn a New Language (TBD – either German or French)
  17. Invest in Stock
  18. Visit a New City (Santa Barbara OR Temecula OR Big Sur)
  19. Visit a New State (Texas to see Nicole & North Carolina to visit My Grandma)
  20. Visit a New Country (Mexico would be easiest…)
  21. Visit a New Continent (Australia would be better #DoubleWhammy)
  22. Do Proper Napa Valley Winery Tour
  23. Go Back to London & Stay in My Favorite Borough
  24. See Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  25. Go on a Solo Getaway

26…. find a boyfriend?

just kidding…

…not really…

…#StrongIndependentWoman4Lyfe 😛


giphy (1)


What is Aerial Yoga?

Two Important Notes:

  1. This post was inspired by a first date Face With Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 10.3
  2. The leggings you see all over this post were provided by Marika & I’m obsessed with them! I basically live in Marika activewear. If you’d to purchase a pair of your own you can buy them HERE or HERE Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on Apple iOS 10.3

I felt like it was rather important to prefaces this post with a the above notes because when you’re inspired to write something because of a date… welll… that’s either amazing or ABSOLUTELY insane… But hey, maybe this will be the beginning of a whole new ME posting weekly all because I was inspired by a boy… because that doesn’t sound ridiculous at all… Oh well #MyLife.


Anyways – so over this past weekend I attended an event with Sweat Local LA at AIR Los Angeles. AIR Los Angeles is a boutique Aerial Fitness Studio in West Hollywood and the class was an absolutely blast! Besides the fact that TOM was also in town and I was rushing to the bathroom every five minutes..

(Aerial Yoga + Flo = NOT FRIENDS)


The class was organized by two lovely ladies I met on Instagram, Heidi & Michelle.

Fun Fact: These LA-transplants met each other on Bumble BFF & I think that is AWESOME!

AND what made the event even more incredible was the fact that Marika was a sponsor and provided us with #freeleggings for the WIN!

The owner, Lindsay Duncan, lead the class and dang did she challenge us to be our best! It’s been five days and I’m still a bit sore…



Now before I start talking solely about AIR Los Angeles. I’d like to chat a bit about Aerial in general. I’ve been fascinated with aerial fitness for about three years, ever since I saw Janel Parrish & Troian Bellasario from Pretty Little Liars posting about it on Instagram.

It’s such a beautiful form of exercise, but also unbelievably challenging. I mean, who doesn’t want to pretend to be an acrobat?

I’ll admit aerial takes some serious arm strength and the first time I attempted it I really struggled. It was during my pre-BBG life, when I was living in London, but it was the start of true love affair with aerial.


There are a few places in LA that offer aerial fitness classes, but if you are a newbie I highly recommend AIR. It’s solely aerial yoga via hammocks and because of that, I believe it’s a great place to develop your craft. If I lived closer to the studio I would probably take classes there every day!

AIR offers for different types of classes:


50-minute beginner class that introduces new clients to aerial exercises on hammocks; the class emphasizes basic alignment, foundation, and specific muscle action so that the body can learn how to balance on aerial hammocks.  AIR® is an intense aerial fitness training program fusing elements of conditioning, Pilates, ballet and HIIT (high intensity interval training) on aerial hammocks.  Regardless of its beginner pace, AIR® Foundation will deliver a challenging workout. No experience required.


30-minute ab blast using aerial hammocks. This class focuses on upper and lower abs, obliques, and lower back muscles. Using the hammock to support Pilates-inspired ab work allows for better form as well as functional movement to stretch and strengthen the core more efficiently. We advise AIR® Core for clients who are familiar with AIR® class formats and looking to take their workout to the next level. We recommend new clients taking at least 1 AIR® Foundation class before graduating to AIR® Core.


50-minute mixed-level flow class linking movements and power postures with the breath and hammock.  AIR® Flow fuses basic to advanced yoga poses with aerial hammocks to allow for a full body stretch that increases flexibility beyond what traditional yoga provides. Creative sequencing and transitions create opportunities to build strength, coordination and mental poise. Great for all levels – modifications and advanced cues will be given, so that students can practice to their personal edge.


50-minute intense aerial fitness training class fusing elements of conditioning, Pilates, ballet and HIIT (high intensity interval training) on aerial hammocks. This highly effective fitness program is designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone your physique in record-breaking time. We recommend new clients take 3-5 AIR® Foundation classes before graduating to AIR®

It’s such a fun thing to add to your usual workout routines of the gym and cardio. I would highly recommend giving this form of exercise a chance if you have the opportunity to take a class in your neighborhood. And if you’re ever in LA – definitely visit AIR!



6 Whey-Free Protein Bars to Try

Copy of Contact (4).png

No way to WHEY!

Earlier this year I realized that I had serious bloating issues whenever I ate Whey (TMI) However it made absolutely no sense because it was supposed to safe for people who are lactose free…

Cue Detective Sam – I soon discovered an article on milk protein intolerance and it all made sense. Whey is made from the milk protein isolate which is what my body can’t handle.

So if you are suffering from severe bloating after eating Whey as well as any other source of dairy, you too may actually have a milk protein intolerance instead of the commonly heard of lactose intolerance or milk allergy.

What’s even crazier is if you have a milk protein intolerance you may also suffer from anemia, which I do! REMINDER: I’m not a real Dr. Sam so while my father wishes otherwise, please consult with a professional before making any serious changes to your diet.

Anyways… back to the protein bars! So the other day when @fit_pham posted about different types of protein bars, I thought I would do some of my own investigating and find Whey-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER Protein Bar because they are often far and few in-between.

Some were good, some were great and some were HORRIBLE!
These are my Top 6 FAVORITES!
Copy of 1).png
 4 (2)

*Please note this research was done with only trying Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars! If you are looking for other favors, I’d also recommend RXBAR Protein Bars because they are seriously delicious and are made with few ingredients and are all natural!

And if you’d like to learn more about Milk Protein Intolerance please read below and explore all that Google has to offer 🙂

Milk protein intolerance

Milk protein intolerance is thought to affect well over 40% of the population. Milk (protein) intolerance causes a delayed response, taking up to 3 days to cause symptoms, and can result in a wide range of chronic symptoms such as irritable bowel (IBS), bloating, constipation, migraines, headaches, runny nose, sinusitis, lethargy, skin rashes, eczema and low mood. These delayed reactions to milk proteins are easily tested for by measuring milk-specific IgG antibodies in blood. This food-specific IgG test does not test for milk allergy or lactose intolerance though and it is not available on the NHS.

If you have milk allergy or milk protein intolerance then you should avoid all animal milks as the milks from cows, sheep and goats are all very similar. However, if you have lactose intolerance then you can try lactose free cow’s milk; remember though that a lot of people suffer from both lactose intolerance and milk protein intolerance together. Luckily now there are many different alternatives to milk, as well as lactose free milk, appearing on our shelves which make managing milk intolerance and milk allergy a lot easier. There are also stringent regulations for labeling of processed foods which means that if milk or milk proteins have been used in the process then it should say on the label; checking labels is very important when it comes to allergies and intolerance.

SHORTLISTED for Australia’s Top 50 Influencer Awards

Exciting news, I’ve been shortlisted for Australia’s Top 50 Influencer Awards.
giphy (8).gif
While I realize I’m not Australian nor  based in Australia; A lot of my followers are from there, which is incredible! I love how social media has allowed me to connect with people on the other side of the world! 
giphy (9).gif
I’m simply overjoyed and unbelievably excited to be considered! It’s quite crazy actually!!
giphy (10).gif
ALSO, being shortlisted sure feels like a sign that it is finally time to make a trip to Australia, don’t you think?
giphy (11).gif
I’ve seriously been considering moving there for a year because they offer year long work visas to Americans! I have some friends there at the moment and they are LOVING IT!
giphy (12).gif
Plus Kayla Itsines & many BBG girls are located Down Under!
And I would love love love to explore this gorgeous country and hang with some Kangaroos too!
giphy (15).gif
I truly hope I can make it there within the next year!
giphy (16).gif
2017 is our year babes! Let’s continue to do magical & amazing things!

The winners of Australia’s Top 50 Influencer Awards will be announced on March 16th, 2017.


My Go To Date Night Outfit


Alright loves… I’m posting something crazy today! That’s right, I’m doing a post about dating. SAY WHAT?! Seeing as I’m the girl who didn’t receive her first kiss until she was 21, posting about dating feel absolutely absurd. But can I be honest with y’all… I’ve been dying to talk about it! I hope y’all will embrace and accept this new part of my blog because I sort of Love LOVE.

Known as the HOPELESS ROMANTIC growing up, everyone always claimed I had such high standards and ideals of what relationships were / are. First off, I’m going to set the record straight and say I’m very far from HOPELESS, unless you consider being hopeless as a synonym to how I feel about dating at all. Seriously! My relationship stories are FAR from romantic, but looking back they always make me laugh or cry or both or just be like is this real life?

I’m pretty sure I am the only person in my friend group who tells relationship stories that literally sound like an episode of the latest teen drama… I can’t make this stuff up. Trust me! I always think about how I could embellish my life into a TV show and then I sit there and realize that REAL LIFE is way crazier than anything I could possibly come up with.  So yes, I am the girl who’s first kiss was with a Kiwi in Amsterdam, I am the girl who had a guy drop her off at her house only to turn around five minutes later just to kiss her, I am the girl who actually had a guy ‘surprise’ take her dancing on a first date because it was in her Bumble profile that she like ‘dancing’… I kid you not, all of these things have happened to me… and yet I am eternally SINGLE.

While I refuse to be called a hopeless romantic, I guess you could say I’m optimistic about my future and relationships, but hopeful… not so much! However, I keep trying and dating because I believe that sooner or later someone will actually be WORTH IT…

Side note: Let me know if you think I should do a review on dating apps… because I’ve sort of tried them all. Some with great success, others not so much.

Anyways… If I have learned anything about going on a million first dates, it’s the struggle that is WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?

Sometimes you feel fabulous the day of your date, sometimes not so much.

Some days you feel like your SoulCycle class has turned you into a supermodel.

giphy (2).gif

While other days you are pretty sure TOM has decided to turn you into walrus.

giphy (3).gif

That’s why I created MY GO TO DATE NIGHT OUTFIT.

That’s right, I have an outfit for first dates like it’s my job.

giphy (4).gif

I probably sounds crazy, but hear me out. Sometimes you are just not feeling it and the spiral can happen unbelievably fast. The tornado hits, your room becomes a disaster…

giphy (5).gif

and you are left in your underwear staring at the mirror thinking WHY?!

giphy (6).gif

So that’s why I created MY GO TO DATE NIGHT OUTFIT. I’ve worn it on countless first dates, but I always feel FABULOUS wearing it! I even tweak it every once in a while, but the basics are simple!

First you need a watch like this:


No seriously though, you need a watch like this…


It even comes in a super cute box!!


Like come on guys…


Sorry I got distracted…

Second you need a cute flowy top & skirt:


Third, you will need wedge heels:


Now before you diss the idea of wedge heels, hear me out. They are way more comfortable than normal heels, but they still make your legs look BOMB! Look at those calves!!!


Fourth you need a BADASS jacket:

[No pictures has been added as I LOST my leather jacket on DATE… THAT’S RIGHT?! It did it’s job and then I lost it…. WHY WORLD WHY?! And I haven’t found a replacement…. this spot is in memory of my favorite jacket ever]


Now I’m sure you want to see this bomb.com jacket! Right?!

Well you can’t..

It’s gone forever…

I had it for many years…

And it will never return…

So what’s the point…..

Why should it grace the world anymore?!



Maybe I will cave..


Got ya!

UGH…. But I loved it…


Here it is 😦

At least it got to travel the world first. #RIPLeatherJacket

(Also I just have to note that basically all of the above outfits are MY GO TO DATE NIGHT OUTFIT HAHA)

Fifth, you might need tights cause it’s winter…

And you are all set! Now go blow that date away with your BEAUTIFUL-NESS! Cause Babe you look amazing!!

Oh and I almost forgot!!! GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! If you are as obsessed with my JORD watch as much as I am… How could you not?! JORD has graciously decided to indulge me with my obsession and has offered to help host a giveaway with me!

Click HERE to enter 🙂

The winner will receive a $100 e-gift code to our site! All other entrants will receive a $25 consolation e-gift code at the close of the contest. 

This women’s watch is a cool watch and you could also get it as a men’s watch! It is a very unique watch indeed!
A FREE WATCH IS NOT PART OF THE CONTEST! – sorry for yelling. Due to numerous past instances of “miscommunication”, I just like to clarify that part 🙂
Contest ends at 11:59 CST 2/28/17 and both gift codes expire 03/31/17

The below is supposed to be invisible… obviously you can see it XP Sorry 😦

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9 of My Favorite Things of 2016

2017 is officially here! Can you believe? I can’t! However I will say I’m extremely excited about the year ahead. I feel like 2016 was the warm up for how awesome 2017 is going to be. I mean 2016 had it’s highs, but also had some serious lows, however I learned a heck ton more from my lows and now I’m ready to stride forward. But before doing so, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things of 2016! I think it’s safe to say I like pink. Like really like pink. Purple is definitely my favorite color, but look around my room and you might think otherwise. So before we move on to 2017 Resolutions,

I think it’s safe to say I like pink. Like really like pink. Purple is definitely my favorite color, but look around my room and you might think otherwise. While some of these things aren’t technically pink, I like to think they are in the pink palette…. Okay I might be stretching on a couple, but oh well! Any who if you are looking for some awesome things to rock in 2017, I highly recommend checking out the below cause while I discovered them in 2016, they are officially my staple pieces of 2017!

1. Jord Watch

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.18.36 PM.pngFirst off, I need to talk about this beautiful watch. OBSESSED does not even begin to describe my love for this watch. The design is absolutely gorgeous! The color? Perfect! The crystals #AMAZING! I’m usually not much of a watch girl, but the moment I placed this watch on my wrist I knew it was the one. My dad actually tried to buy me a watch a few years ago, and I was like nah. But then this beauty arrived in the mail and I was like ‘what was I thinking?!’ Watches are awesome! Especially this one!

Check out their other women watches here!
Check out their other men watches here!


For some reason I have been very skeptical about wireless headphones. My brother has raved about them for well over a year, however I’ve just felt so unsure about them. Until I received these pretty pink Sudio Sweden headphones. They first arrived to me in a beautiful box and a cute little pink case to keep them safe. They have an awesome battery life, it’s about 8 hrs. I took them on my flight to DC and they lasted the entire time! It’s so freeing being able to move without having to worry about the cord attached to your phone and absolutely amazing when you are working out and trying to do burpees. Trust me, it’s a struggle! I’ve got the earbuds, but I will definitely be looking to invest in the actual headphones!

Check them out here! And save 15% off with wanderlustsam.

3. Be Joyful Starbucks Tumblr


Tumblrs make me happy. And happy people drink water like they are supposed to! Many report that we are supposed to drink at least 2 liters a day and I also recently read another article that stated 3 liters! Well my usual is like 4 cups… Oops! I literally am the worst water drinker in the WORLD! How horrible, right? However I’m happy to report that when I have my cute Be Joyful Tumblr by my side!

4. Just Say Yes Make Up Bag & 5. Pink Laptop Cover


I adore Zoella! I think Zoe is unbelievably inspiring and her make up bag is pure darling! I love storing my make up in my “Just Say Yes” bag because every morning when I wake up I’m reminded to SAY YES! And who doesn’t love to spice up their laptop! It has a keyboard cover too! Plus it’s always a great conversation starter at the airport. For realz, I get compliments on it every time I fly 🙂

6. A360 POLAR


This watch seriously does it all! I know what your thinking… You already talked about one watch… now you’re sharing another… Well they are both awesome and both worth it! I basically alternate between the two right now. If I’m working I’m usually in my Jord watch, but if I know I have a really active day ahead, I love wearing my Polar because it’s awesome to recognize when you are being super active, plus it tells you your heartrate and it has lots of different settings for when you workout so that it calculates your calories accurately.



LOVE LOVE LOVE this jacket! LOVE LOVE LOVE being bright and pink! That’s about it. Can’t you tell from this smile that I’m super happy, even if it’s gloomy outside! It’s like you get to be the ray of sunshine on a cloudy day8.

8. Record Player & 9. Kettle Bell Weights 


And lastly I need to mention my record player! Which also connects to your phone so it’s also just a super awesom speaker and plays old school music and records too… or you know a Taylor Swift album 😉 and then weights for daze guys! Ever since the fall of 2015 I’ve become quite the fitness fiend and I love my pink weights! There is nothing wrong with being strong and girly and liking pink! Just love who you are! Cause you are the best you!

Hey! Holla Giveaway



I couldn’t think of a better way to relaunch my blog than by doing a giveaway! And not only that, but I have four more giveaways happening this month! I was planning on doing #12DaysofWanderlustXMas… But I got a bit distracted with life. So here we are! RELAUNCHING!!! I’ve got so many plans for this blog and Instagram and life! 2016 was a HOT MESS! Literally! I’ve officially coined this year HOT MESS. I even told my dad that they other day. A lot of things happened this year and for better or worse I can’t wait to rid myself of 2016. But 2017! OH MY GOD! You better believe it’s going to be one crazy year! I’ve got high hopes, totally reaching for the moon, but hey hopefully I will land on some stars 🙂 My brain has been on full throttle lately and I often get so excited about life that I get overwhelmed and find myself on the couch, eating Halo Top, drinking Two Buck Chuck and binge-watching every single CW show under the sun. #SorryNotSorry

Any who! The point of this blog isn’t to recap 2016 (That comes later this month hehe) This post is all about my FIRST GIVEAWAY of the holiday season (actually it’s my first giveaway ever!) And I’m super excited to announce that it’s a collaboration with Hey! Holla! They are an incredible UK-based company started by two lovely ladies, Alex and Laura! Check these babes out here! They’ve got awesome active wear, bags, hair ties and more!

This giveaway includes your choice of tote, towel and tie! How lovely is that?!


✨Open Worldwide✨

♥ Winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced on 12/5

♥ You MUST follow me on Bloglovin to enter


♥ You MUST be a follower of mine and Hey! Holla on Instagram



♥ You MUST like the Giveaway post on Instagram


June Goals

🌺 Happy June 1st 🌺

How is it June already? INSANE!

Alright loves I have a confession… I’ve never done a monthly goal post. Some of you might be thinking ‘So, what’s the big deal’ or ‘WHY?’ The truth is… I have no reason. The last 8 months have come and gone and I just sat there and read everyone else’s posts and thought, ‘Those are awesome goals, I should make some…’ and then I just didn’t…

BUT today I sat down and thought I’m gonna make a monthly goal post haha

Why now?

Because this is a big month – in 14 days (June 15) I will be turning a quarter of a century AHHHHHHHH I’m so old guys… It’s not even funny 😜😅

Quarter Life Crisis is definitely in full effect 😱and instead of freaking out about what I’m doing with my life in the long scheme of things I thought I would sit down and think about this month solely! You all have no idea how much focus that took. I feel like I have my life 10 years from now planned out better than I have tomorrow😅

So with much unrequired anticipation – My June Goals 😜 

  • WRITE – in my journal everyday w/ pen & paper – there is something freeing about leaving technology and connecting with your feelings through the pen. It feels so good and I love looking back at what I was doing years ago! It also makes me realize how dramatic and ridiculous I am and well we should laugh at ourselves… all the time
  • DRINK – tea every morning and night. I’ve become a bit of a coffee addict and I want to pull in the reins and start drinking more tea
  • PLAN – my meals and exercise routine on Sundays. My life can be rather uncertain but having certainty in my meals and workout routine calm me so much! So I want to commit to taking the time to plan ahead to calm my hurricane brain
  • TRY – 2 new recipes every week. I love to cook and try new things, but it is so easy to just make the same thing everyday. So This month I’m committing to trying at least 2 new recipes each week! We’ll see how they go haha
  • CAPTURE – I want to start taking more pictures. I love photography and taking other people pictures. I think I like it because I love capturing moments and knowing that person will get to keep that moment forever just fills my soul. So I want to take more (AKA let’s do a photoshoot loves!)
  • ENJOY – alright it’s been like 4 years since I had my one and only other massage and I’m definitely due! Between#Turnitup20 and just working out everyday for the last 8 months my body is in knots! I think a massage is a very good idea for a birthday present to myself haha

Pretty sure the list could go on forever, but that’s what I’m sticking with for now.

Hope all you beautiful people out there are having an incredible Hump Day and are ready to embrace all the potential JUNE has to offer!

What are your June Goals?

Grin & Bear It


Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!

-Albert Einstein

You can only control your life loves! So let’s make the change you need to be happier, healthier, stronger!





You CAN do it! 😘

I like to stay positive on here… It’s my optimistic place… But I’m gonna be real for a sec and just say sometimes the only thing you can do in life is grin and bear it. I’m in one of those funks this weekend loves… I got little sleep last night… Woke up at 5am to a serious stomach ache and life’s sort of a whirlwind at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m unbelievably grateful for a lot the things going! For one, you guys brighten my day EVERY SINGLE DAY! Like seriously I love you all more than you know. Two, I’m super excited about the incubator lab I just accepted my position in 😱😍 Three, I’m in love with my @Soulcycleteam and I’m obsessed with it! Four, I’m alive! Breathing. Healthy. ALIVE.

Life’s a crazy ride! Filled with serious highs and lows. It’s what makes you appreciate life. If life was mundane and we didn’t feel or have emotions or passions towards what or who was surrounding us… What would be the point?! Appreciate your feelings! Appreciate your emotions! Appreciate your passions! They will drive you to face your fears! Take them by the reins and change tomorrow into what you want! Let’s get up and make a change!

*i think this is another ramble #yolo


What Do You Wish For?

Soulcycle Wheel

Hi Lovelies!

WordPress tells me it’s been like 7 months since I last posted on here… WOW! That’s bad… Sorry! But guess what I’ve reworking my blog right now and I’m so happy to be back on here, in the beautiful blogosphere 🙂

This may seem like a super random first post, but I went to a SoulCycle class yesterday and realized I just need to post. To stop ‘revamping’ and just do it! Type, write, post, share, love! So here we are! Back at it with my first post about “WHAT DO YOU WISH FOR?!”

Potentially really random, however I swear by the end of this post it will make sense.

Now I realize it has been a long time since I’ve been on here and a lot has changed, so I think I will have to reintroduce myself slowly on here cause the Sam that used to write about her life on here as gone through quite a lot in the last 7 months. Like she now works for SoulCycle and LOVES IT! And is addicted to SOUL and is currently in the middle of the #TURNITUP20 challenge and OBSESSED!

Like so obsessed I woke up at 7:30am on a Sunday and all I could think about was how I wanted to go to a Soul class. So I got dressed and went haha There are a lot of studios in LA, but I’m sort of loving the Malibu studio at the moment. Partially because afterwards I grab a coffee and drive along PCH and well, who doesn’t love driving along the coast and admiring the beauty of the beach?

Well I got to class like 4 minutes before… Oops! But it’s okay because I can’t check in until the last minute and I got a bike on the side of the instructor. I was feeling adventurous! I had Tiff D.  as my instructor and she was absolutely adorable! Like seriously so cute! But she will kick your A$$! But for realz! I was sweating up a storm (#IALWAYSDO), but it was such a good class. It was my first time in her class and she did something that I haven’t seen any instructor do.

Now if you’ve never been to a SoulCycle class – 1) WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 2) You should know it’s basically a raging club scene on bikes! But also very motivating and soulful. Anywho, there are usually four candles that surround the instructors bikes during the class and after weights they usually move them around and blow them out for the cool down. Well Tiff did something magical. One by one she blew them out, but with one of them she let out a rider blow out the candle. AND THAT RIDER WAS ME!!!

I was sooooo focused on riding I didn’t even realize Tiff was next to me until she started whispering to me “Make a wish and blow the candle out.”

Guys I literally felt like I saw my life flash before my eyes in those few seconds after she said that. I wasn’t prepared to make a wish. It sounds silly. I mean I’m all about making wishes. I think blowing candles out on your birthday is really important. One of my favourite quotes is “A dream is a wish your heart makes and dreams really do come true.”

So in those few seconds I feel like I saw everything. My dreams about jobs, fitness, boys and relationships, EVERYTHING. And then I just went blank and thought Happiness and I blew the candle out. If I could have anything in the world, I just want to be HAPPY! That’s it. Everything else will fall into place. Life never turns out how you expect it to, but as long as I’m happy, I don’t really care what happens!

Yep. That’s what happened. And Yep, this is my first post back.

What would you wish for? If you could make a wish, what would it be? What do you desire?

I’m so excited to see what the future has for us loves! Until then

xxxx Sam