Alex and Ani Released a New HARRY POTTER Line & It’s Amazing!

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Alex and Ani just released a new Harry Potter line and the internet is sorta freaking out… Or more so, I’m freaking out!

It’s been 6 years since the last Harry Potter film was released and the void is sometimes very hard to fill. However tiny reminders like these quickly throw me back to the good ol’ days and it makes it not so unbearable *Cue Dramatics*

Nonetheless, these new pieces are adorable and I want them all!

AND with Christmas only 11 weeks away, these beauties will make wonderful additions to your list!



Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Charm Bangle: Silver | Gold


Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Pull Chain Bracelet: Silver | Gold

Harry Potter Hogwarts Two Tone Charm Bangle: Silver 

 Harry Potter Lumos Set of 3: Silver


Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Necklace: Silver | Gold


Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Adjustable Necklace: Silver | Gold

Harry Potter Hogwarts Necklace: Silver 


Harry Potter Glasses Earrings: Silver | Gold


Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Earrings: Silver | Gold


Harry Potter Glasses Ring: Silver | Gold


Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Ring: Silver | Gold

Expelliarmus – Thank you Alex and Ani for taking all my money!


My Go To Date Night Outfit


Alright loves… I’m posting something crazy today! That’s right, I’m doing a post about dating. SAY WHAT?! Seeing as I’m the girl who didn’t receive her first kiss until she was 21, posting about dating feel absolutely absurd. But can I be honest with y’all… I’ve been dying to talk about it! I hope y’all will embrace and accept this new part of my blog because I sort of Love LOVE.

Known as the HOPELESS ROMANTIC growing up, everyone always claimed I had such high standards and ideals of what relationships were / are. First off, I’m going to set the record straight and say I’m very far from HOPELESS, unless you consider being hopeless as a synonym to how I feel about dating at all. Seriously! My relationship stories are FAR from romantic, but looking back they always make me laugh or cry or both or just be like is this real life?

I’m pretty sure I am the only person in my friend group who tells relationship stories that literally sound like an episode of the latest teen drama… I can’t make this stuff up. Trust me! I always think about how I could embellish my life into a TV show and then I sit there and realize that REAL LIFE is way crazier than anything I could possibly come up with.  So yes, I am the girl who’s first kiss was with a Kiwi in Amsterdam, I am the girl who had a guy drop her off at her house only to turn around five minutes later just to kiss her, I am the girl who actually had a guy ‘surprise’ take her dancing on a first date because it was in her Bumble profile that she like ‘dancing’… I kid you not, all of these things have happened to me… and yet I am eternally SINGLE.

While I refuse to be called a hopeless romantic, I guess you could say I’m optimistic about my future and relationships, but hopeful… not so much! However, I keep trying and dating because I believe that sooner or later someone will actually be WORTH IT…

Side note: Let me know if you think I should do a review on dating apps… because I’ve sort of tried them all. Some with great success, others not so much.

Anyways… If I have learned anything about going on a million first dates, it’s the struggle that is WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?

Sometimes you feel fabulous the day of your date, sometimes not so much.

Some days you feel like your SoulCycle class has turned you into a supermodel.

giphy (2).gif

While other days you are pretty sure TOM has decided to turn you into walrus.

giphy (3).gif

That’s why I created MY GO TO DATE NIGHT OUTFIT.

That’s right, I have an outfit for first dates like it’s my job.

giphy (4).gif

I probably sounds crazy, but hear me out. Sometimes you are just not feeling it and the spiral can happen unbelievably fast. The tornado hits, your room becomes a disaster…

giphy (5).gif

and you are left in your underwear staring at the mirror thinking WHY?!

giphy (6).gif

So that’s why I created MY GO TO DATE NIGHT OUTFIT. I’ve worn it on countless first dates, but I always feel FABULOUS wearing it! I even tweak it every once in a while, but the basics are simple!

First you need a watch like this:


No seriously though, you need a watch like this…


It even comes in a super cute box!!


Like come on guys…


Sorry I got distracted…

Second you need a cute flowy top & skirt:


Third, you will need wedge heels:


Now before you diss the idea of wedge heels, hear me out. They are way more comfortable than normal heels, but they still make your legs look BOMB! Look at those calves!!!


Fourth you need a BADASS jacket:

[No pictures has been added as I LOST my leather jacket on DATE… THAT’S RIGHT?! It did it’s job and then I lost it…. WHY WORLD WHY?! And I haven’t found a replacement…. this spot is in memory of my favorite jacket ever]


Now I’m sure you want to see this jacket! Right?!

Well you can’t..

It’s gone forever…

I had it for many years…

And it will never return…

So what’s the point…..

Why should it grace the world anymore?!



Maybe I will cave..


Got ya!

UGH…. But I loved it…


Here it is 😦

At least it got to travel the world first. #RIPLeatherJacket

(Also I just have to note that basically all of the above outfits are MY GO TO DATE NIGHT OUTFIT HAHA)

Fifth, you might need tights cause it’s winter…

And you are all set! Now go blow that date away with your BEAUTIFUL-NESS! Cause Babe you look amazing!!

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