#UpForAnything Challenge with Athleta

*  thank you ATHLETA for sponsoring this post. All opinions and experiences are my own *

working out with girlfriends is way better than being by yourself

When Athleta challenged me to join their #UpForAnything campaign with a friend, I jumped at the opportunity! Not only is their mission to ‘ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and…empower them to realize their limitless potential,’ their clothing is line is chic and comfortable and the challenge was to try something you’ve never done before! Who doesn’t love exploring new things?!


But, at first, I was stumped by my quest. There are hundreds of fitness studios in LA, however finding something exciting and different proved to be a tad difficult. However I soon remembered an episode of Made In Chelsea: LA where they worked out on surfboards and realized WE HAD TO DO JUST THAT!

39939895402_bc3b3594e3_oHERE ARE THE DETAILS:


Location: 13557 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Price: $10 (for your first class, $22 per class)

Instructor: Katie Seigel

Class: As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, Surfset ® mimics the physical demands of surfing including balance, strength and cardio. Surfset ® is a total body workout that challenges your balance and stabilizer muscles to create a lean and strong physique.


Processed with VSCO with s1 presetAs for my friend joining the challenge, I brought along the amazing Paige! Paige and I met over 2 years ago at my first BBG event in LA. We are totally those girls who met on Instagram 😉


Now per our usual promptness, we arrived exactly when class started instead of 15 minutes early like normal person should. I’ve been told that optimistic people are ALWAYS late… However our instructor, Katie, was phenomenal and helped us get register and ready within minutes of arriving and we were off to the races, or ready to hit the waves.

OVERALL: Music was awesome. A bit of everything from old school to present day to even Sir Mix-a-Lot Baby Got Back. The class was CRAZY HARD. But very much worth it! A huge part of the course was balancing. Honestly I sometimes had to simply forgo the actual workout move just to focus on not falling off the board!

RECOMMEND: Most definitely! It’s so different from anything else I have ever done and they have lots of different classes at the studio too! From TRX-style to Sandbox Barre.

I’m so happy Athleta challenge Paige & I to try something new! It definitely made us push our limit and once again remind us that we are stronger than we think.

While January is coming to an end, I cannot wait to keep the mentality of #UpForAnything for the next 11 months as well! It’s just the beginning and I have so many more exciting dreams in mind of 2018, however the only way I’m going to be able to achieve them is with a mentality that my dreams are limitless!

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What is Aerial Yoga?

Two Important Notes:

  1. This post was inspired by a first date Face With Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 10.3
  2. The leggings you see all over this post were provided by Marika & I’m obsessed with them! I basically live in Marika activewear. If you’d to purchase a pair of your own you can buy them HERE or HERE Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on Apple iOS 10.3

I felt like it was rather important to prefaces this post with a the above notes because when you’re inspired to write something because of a date… welll… that’s either amazing or ABSOLUTELY insane… But hey, maybe this will be the beginning of a whole new ME posting weekly all because I was inspired by a boy… because that doesn’t sound ridiculous at all… Oh well #MyLife.


Anyways – so over this past weekend I attended an event with Sweat Local LA at AIR Los Angeles. AIR Los Angeles is a boutique Aerial Fitness Studio in West Hollywood and the class was an absolutely blast! Besides the fact that TOM was also in town and I was rushing to the bathroom every five minutes..

(Aerial Yoga + Flo = NOT FRIENDS)


The class was organized by two lovely ladies I met on Instagram, Heidi & Michelle.

Fun Fact: These LA-transplants met each other on Bumble BFF & I think that is AWESOME!

AND what made the event even more incredible was the fact that Marika was a sponsor and provided us with #freeleggings for the WIN!

The owner, Lindsay Duncan, lead the class and dang did she challenge us to be our best! It’s been five days and I’m still a bit sore…



Now before I start talking solely about AIR Los Angeles. I’d like to chat a bit about Aerial in general. I’ve been fascinated with aerial fitness for about three years, ever since I saw Janel Parrish & Troian Bellasario from Pretty Little Liars posting about it on Instagram.

It’s such a beautiful form of exercise, but also unbelievably challenging. I mean, who doesn’t want to pretend to be an acrobat?

I’ll admit aerial takes some serious arm strength and the first time I attempted it I really struggled. It was during my pre-BBG life, when I was living in London, but it was the start of true love affair with aerial.


There are a few places in LA that offer aerial fitness classes, but if you are a newbie I highly recommend AIR. It’s solely aerial yoga via hammocks and because of that, I believe it’s a great place to develop your craft. If I lived closer to the studio I would probably take classes there every day!

AIR offers for different types of classes:


50-minute beginner class that introduces new clients to aerial exercises on hammocks; the class emphasizes basic alignment, foundation, and specific muscle action so that the body can learn how to balance on aerial hammocks.  AIR® is an intense aerial fitness training program fusing elements of conditioning, Pilates, ballet and HIIT (high intensity interval training) on aerial hammocks.  Regardless of its beginner pace, AIR® Foundation will deliver a challenging workout. No experience required.


30-minute ab blast using aerial hammocks. This class focuses on upper and lower abs, obliques, and lower back muscles. Using the hammock to support Pilates-inspired ab work allows for better form as well as functional movement to stretch and strengthen the core more efficiently. We advise AIR® Core for clients who are familiar with AIR® class formats and looking to take their workout to the next level. We recommend new clients taking at least 1 AIR® Foundation class before graduating to AIR® Core.


50-minute mixed-level flow class linking movements and power postures with the breath and hammock.  AIR® Flow fuses basic to advanced yoga poses with aerial hammocks to allow for a full body stretch that increases flexibility beyond what traditional yoga provides. Creative sequencing and transitions create opportunities to build strength, coordination and mental poise. Great for all levels – modifications and advanced cues will be given, so that students can practice to their personal edge.


50-minute intense aerial fitness training class fusing elements of conditioning, Pilates, ballet and HIIT (high intensity interval training) on aerial hammocks. This highly effective fitness program is designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone your physique in record-breaking time. We recommend new clients take 3-5 AIR® Foundation classes before graduating to AIR®

It’s such a fun thing to add to your usual workout routines of the gym and cardio. I would highly recommend giving this form of exercise a chance if you have the opportunity to take a class in your neighborhood. And if you’re ever in LA – definitely visit AIR!