Gym Bag Essentials: 2018 Edition




Happy New Year Lovelies!



I cannot believe it’s 2018! INSANE! I’m planning on doing a 2018 Bucketlist Post in a few weeks that will include a reflection on 2017, however until then all I can say is 2016 was crazy, 2017 was transitional and 2018 is going to be the year we SHINE!

But seriously guys, I can feel it! 2017 was RIDICULOUS to say the least. The ups and downs were intense, there were a gazillion dates, I feel off the fitness wagon one too many times and traveled way less than my heart desired. So 2018 is gonna be the year to really SLAY!


My first order of business is getting back in the GYM to work on my FITNESS! TBH, today was actually my first day back…. whooops

giphy (2).gif

Admittedly I’ve been off to a bit of a slow start, but you know what they say… Slow and steady wins the race, right? RIGHT! So we’re making waves and to inspire you and mostly myself I thought I’d start working on my Gym Bag Essentials first and make sure they are packed and ready to go in the evenings so when I want to be that pup above trying to crawl out of bed in the morning, I can be more like this gal.

giphy (1).gif

LIKE REALLY? Can this be me?!

Okay! Enough gifs! On to the Essentials!!!


#1: Wrigley Alert Caffeine Gum

Are you a morning person? NO! I’m the I really need a boost in the morning kind of person! It’s crazy how times have changed but can I say I’m very grate caffeinated gum is a thing! These guys pack as much caffeine as 1/2 cup of coffee and are awesome when you’re short on time and can’t make your morning joe or are feeling your patience running thin at the drive-thru!


Alert is a caffeinated chewing gum for adults and gives you that perfect boost when you need it. They are also super handy when you need a boost and just don’t feel like drinking anything and would rather just chew.

Do you ever get in that mood? Ok, cool, me too!


#2: Apple Watch

Yep… I’m officially one of THOSE people. I can’t believe I feel for it. An Apple Watch now resides on my wrist. Seriously? Now before you give up on me or consider losing hope for humanity (there’s other people who can do that), I have to say it’s growing on me.

I’m one of those people who prefers to carry less so on days when the phone can stay in the car while I run or just don’t like to be attached to their phone at all times. It is pretty nice. Plus it’s just like every other fitness tracker in the fact that it catches all your vitals. I think it’s pretty handy, but stay tuned for my year later review haha

#3: Headphones

A no brainer essential and yet I seem to forget it half the time and then go between deciding if I should workout without music, try and play my music with no headphones or just go home because like, what’s the point of working out without music!

These guys are a keep, like any bluetooth pair nowadays because 1) None of my headphones can plug into my phone anymore and 2) if I decide to not have my phone… I can use my Apple Watch and listen to my music still! See there are benefits 🙂

#4: Fanny Pack

This essential is more helpful when I’m out running, but sometimes I really like having a running belt when I’m lifting or around any of the weight equipment. When you’re trying to slay it with a 20-pounder and your sweating like you just took a shower, it’s nice not having to worry about where your keys and phone or whatever personal items you need to carry around the gym… aka lady products!

#5: Hair Ties

Heavens new life saver are these hair ties! I kid you not! I know. I know. They look like the old school things you used to carry your keys on, NOPE. Even better they will not pull on your hair nor will they leave creases in it. Crazy? Yes. True? Yep!

The best part about these guys is the fact that you can wear them around like a bracelet and they won’t dig into your skin! It’s pretty fantastic.

wanderlust.sam #AD

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