26 Goals For My 26th Year


The summer I turned 26…

I know the line above will undoubtedly be used in something I write over the next year, so I figured I’d give myself a head start and use it today seeing as it’s My 26 Birthday. CRINGE. While some will say, ‘aw baby girl you’re young,’ others will point out that nope… ‘I’m def OLD AF.’ Either way, today is My 26 Birthday and instead of FOREVER CRYING about how old I’m getting, I decided I would put my best efforts forward to embrace this NEW YEAR with a list of 26 Goals to Accomplish in CELEBRATION of turning another year older and of course much wiser 😉

Plus, they say putting something out into the atmosphere helps it manifest itself and there’s definitely a few things on my list that will need some extra POSITIVE THOUGHTS, LOVE, ENCOURAGEMENT & FAITH, HOPE, DREAMS, PRAYERS… Literally anything you can give me would be much appreciated… HAHAHAHA

#IJustWannaBeAShowrunner & then travel the world 😉

26 Goals For My 26th Year:

  1. Get My TV Show Optioned – Starting off the year with BIG GOALS!
  2. Rebrand My Website & ReLaunch My YouTube Channel (COMING THIS JULY!)
  3. Record 1 Second Everyday for my 26th Year – w/ this app
    • Today’s video cue I’m a dork from my Brother
  4. Post 1 Everday – I’m ridiculous here
  5. Direct My Short Film
    • We all got some Dirty Laundry & I’d like to serpentine mine onto your computer screen!
  6. Write a Romantic Comedy
    • Finally write the Ultimate Seattle-based Rom Com! WARNING: This will likely be based on dating apps and awkward encounter #MYLYFE
  7. Direct the Romantic Comedy
    • Because… WHY NOT?!
  8. Run a 5K (August 2017)
  9. Run a 10K (September 2017)
  10. Take a Cooking Class
  11. Host a Fitness Event
  12. Become a Personal Trainer
  13. #YogaEveryDamnDay – for one month straight
  14. Read You’re A Badass
  15. Go Back to Stagecoach
  16. Learn a New Language (TBD – either German or French)
  17. Invest in Stock
  18. Visit a New City (Santa Barbara OR Temecula OR Big Sur)
  19. Visit a New State (Texas to see Nicole & North Carolina to visit My Grandma)
  20. Visit a New Country (Mexico would be easiest…)
  21. Visit a New Continent (Australia would be better #DoubleWhammy)
  22. Do Proper Napa Valley Winery Tour
  23. Go Back to London & Stay in My Favorite Borough
  24. See Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  25. Go on a Solo Getaway

26…. find a boyfriend?

just kidding…

…not really…

…#StrongIndependentWoman4Lyfe 😛


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