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5 Indie Movie Trailers to Watch RN

Entering into your URL is like signing a endless contract with a black hole. You never know how long you will be on Youtube once you click enter. Sometimes your whole day can pass before you realize it.

Well I’ve spent the last two hours watching movie trailers and figured why not share them with you. I typically harass my friends with my internet discoveries, but I’m gonna try something new – share all my random thoughts on here, with you šŸ™‚ Hopefully you won’t get annoyed with me!

These were my favorites.


A horror film with an awesome cast and tons of pop culture referencesĀ 


A southern film about self discovery and being a teenager – aka who doesn’t love films like these?


A Nat Wolff film where he becomes even more attractiveĀ than he already is while hanging out with an old man


A super duper cheesy film about an orphan who becomes a star in London… reminds me of Matilda — Made me smile!

and lastly…


A film about a transgender boy portrayed by Elle Fanning that looks like it will definitely make you cry!

Any of them look interesting to you? What films are you excited for this fall? Or just say hi in the comments below šŸ˜€

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