8 Most Anticipated Shows Of 2014

Most Anticipated!

The Most Anticipated Show I’m Looking Forward to is A to Z!! It’s will be on NBC and it was shot in LA, so you will recognize most of the locations from previous shows, which personally I find really exciting. Especially the fact that all the office scenes were shot at the Water Garden in Santa Monica 🙂


Manhattan Love Story – ABC – A continual Rom Com TV Show – Finally the world understands what we want!

How To Get Away With Murder – ABC – Shonda Rhimes is at it again officially owning all of Thursday night – I think I’ll take Tuesday Night when I get there 🙂

Selfie – ABC – Currently Unsure how I feel about it.. But as someone of the #Selfie Generation, I feel as though I just HAVE to give it a chance

Black-ish – ABC – Okay so I don’t really watch comedies… but this cast is great, so I figure I’ll give it ago!

Red Band Society – FOX

The Flash – CW – I’ve been waiting since the main character was on Glee for him to get his own show! Hallelujah

CAN’T WAIT! It’s going to be an exciting Fall in TV LAND 🙂

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