Why You Should Go to Concerts Abroad

Fun Fact_Concerts are more magical abroadGoing to concerts may be the one thing currently missing from your travel itinerary!

You might be thinking to yourself, “why go to a concert while traveling?” when I am trying to experience new things. Well as a self-proclaimed concert lover and goer, I can guarantee you that no concert experience is ever the same. So since you are trying new things, why not try it while you are gallivanting across the globe?

During my five month stay in London this past fall, I made it my mission to go to as many concerts as possible. Now that may seem like a silly goal, however it was one of the best decision I have ever made!

Music is seriously one of the best remedies in life, besides smiling and laughing! Studies have shown that music produces greater self-reliance, better social adjustment, more positive attitudes and it reduces stress. Plus music unites us and makes us feel alive. So stop question my crazy mission and consider these 7 reasons why you should go to concerts while traveling abroad.

I promise you won’t regret it!

  1. Cheaper: First off, it’s much cheaper! While living in London I went to over 10 concerts and I saved over 40% of what it would have cost me if I’d been in the states. And I saw well known artist like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Icona Pop, and Imagine Dragons.
  2. New Music: Enjoy the opening acts at the concerts because you never know who will be the next big thing and if you love music as much as me, you are always looking to add more songs to your playlist! 1472766_10202516428335743_376558855_n (Opening Act for Gabrielle Aplin, Meadowlark)
  3. Different Atmosphere: From Seattle to Vancouver to Los Angeles to London, every crowd is different, so try and appreciate the cultural differences and if anything, going to a concert in a different city will lead to awesome people-watching! 1240558_10202111859941786_274640913_n (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, London – Sept 2013)
  4. Intimacy: If you are lucky, your favorite artist won’t be as well known as where you are abroad so the music venue will be smaller. This can be an awesome experience if you are in the standing section. Try and make your way to the front so that you can be inches from your idol. 1239777_10202111855101665_320470486_n
  5. New Friends: Music unites us. Now obviously going to concerts is a great way to make new friends because you already have a common interest which you can fangirl/boy about. It’s also a good place to meet a nice fella with a cute accent 😉 1374335_10151738477487946_827902977_n
  6. Escapism: Traveling is amazing, but it can also be chaotic. Escaping to a concert for the evening may be exactly what you need. While concerts are also crazy with all the hustle and bustle of lots of people in a tight space, there is a calmness and oneness about a group of people enjoying music together and hopefully it will allow you some escapism.
  7. The Singer: Lastly, you are seeing your favorite artist perform live in a different place! You just can’t argue with that awesomeness! 1508632_10202862825995468_429459312_n

One thought on “Why You Should Go to Concerts Abroad

  1. Great post, I loved going to concerts abroad! I got to see some bands from my hometown in a completely different place like when I saw Rancid in London, and I also saw some awesome UK artists in their hometown like when I saw Ellie Goulding!

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