Places to Visit in Bonn, Germany


Now I realize that Bonn, Germany probably isn’t at the top of your list for cities in Europe to visit… However if you get a chance to visit this quaint city in Germany I promise you won’t regret it! And to make things easier I have created a Checklist of places to visit so that you will be more inclined to go because… well… it’s amazing there! And if I spoke German, I’d probably move there!

Places to visit!

  • Billabonn & Painless: These are two pubs next to Stadhaus and they are owned by the same person. When I studied abroad in Bonn in the fall of 2012, this was our local hangout! We became besties with the owner, Alex and he had us try the local shot, Klosterfrau Melissengeist! Message me after you try it! 1277805_10202111909263019_1611146177_o 1264216_10202111907582977_1502104156_o
  • Pendel: This was our favorite restaurant to eat at… even though the service was HORRIBLE! Seriously! Every time we left the restaurant we wondered why we came back… But then we realized it was because the food is that good! No Joke! It’s amazing! And they have a crazy good ‘Happy Hour!’ I recommend the Flammkuchen Elsässer Art! 1269258_10202111912783107_214363454_o


  • Beethoven: Bonn was the home of Beethoven! So make sure to tour his home and take a picture with the brilliant man!
  • Uni: The University is beautiful and has a grand field in the back. During beautiful spring, summer and fall weather, the grass will be filled with people enjoying the beautiful day! 1266093_10202111916903210_52376592_o 1269480_10202111916623203_992332838_o
  • Cologne bridge: Make sure to go up to Cologne (Koln) for a day! It’s a bigger city than Bonn and more people will know of it! If possible tour the Cathedral and walk along the Rhine! If you are with your partner, attach a lock on to the bridge and throw the key into the Rhine! It’s been a tradition in Bonn for about a decade! I made a documentary on the tradition and you can watch it below! 1240654_10202111890862559_817967039_n 1374343_10202111903262869_603126959_n 1375709_10202111889222518_464246381_n


  • Cafe Madame: Okay, seriously, I still dream about this cafe! The Fajita con carne is the best thing your mouth will ever taste. My roommates and I still talk about this place and we haven’t eaten there in over a year!  1274940_10202111930343546_355563241_o 578526_10202111885182417_1818307180_n
  • Head Statues: Make sure to take a pic next to the head statues and to learn about their history from a local! It will make your experience that much more entertaining! 1376551_10202111887542476_686079873_n
  • Nhetto getto: Please visit a Nhetto Markt! It is unbelievably cheap it will make you feel like you are a billionaire! You can make dinner for six with 5 euros! I pinkie swear!
  • Gelato: Bonn is seriously the best place to buy gelato! 1 scoop with cost you 80 cents and it’s delicious! 1378592_10202111884822408_95345937_n
  • Rossman: This place is like Walgreens on crack! It’s unbelievably cheap! I bought the best curling iron I have ever owned from here and it cost me 7 Euros! It’s even better than my mom’s $200 curling iron!
  • Hauptbahnhoff-Bonn Central Station: You will arrive in Cologne and in Bonn at the Hauptbahnhoff, but make sure to take a bus or tram there as well because when the bus arrives at the station, the women’s voice says Bonn Central Station as well in English and it hilariously amazing!1231354_10202111880902310_418861816_n

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