Study Abroad: London – Day 1, 2013

August 29, 2013:Two days in a row?! No way! Haha – Okay so today was my first full day in London! WOOOO I can’t believe I am actually here. The day started and was basically filled with orientation after orientation and then concluded with a concert, best part of the concert – James Bond Medley! However it reminded me of the Beethoven concert that Sarah and I went to last fall in Bonn, to which with both struggled to keep our eyes open even though it was amazing… OOPS!

IMG_2023From there, me and a few girls headed back to the flat and decided that since it was our first REAL night in London we should go out… Said Sam NEVER… But hey London is all new and everyone who I talked to about London mentioned the Funky Buddha, so we figured we give it a shot… Well you will never guess who showed up at the club tonight! Ehhh, I’ll keep you guessing 😉 The venue was smaller than we expected but they played AMAZING MUSIC!! We are definitely going to make a few more visits!

IMG_2015Oh I almost forgot, I got a phone plan for 15 pound, 3000 text, 300 minutes, and unlimited data! Sam is in Heaven and I can iMessage, Google, and Facetime ANYTIME! Including 3am with Courtney while I lose my voice from being in a club and having to yell all night to be heard and ending it with me having a British Accent. That’s right I didn’t even last 48 hours before I caught a British Accent for a few hours! London, we are just meant to be! So all in all 2nd Day was very successful and fun!

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