Study Abroad Journal: London – Day 0, 2013

london1August 28, 2013: I have safely landed in London after a direct flight from SeaTac. 9 hours that flight was and of course I fell asleep right before they served breakfast. So currently feeling a tad famished lol okay that’s an exaggeration, but I am now in my taxi from the airport to our check-in location. Ahhhhh I can’t believe I am actually in London!

Later That Day Upon Arrival: The feeling when I first arrived in London was surreal. My roommate, Caro, had asked me what me fears and worries were for the trip, and honestly I didn’t have any. Everything just felt right and in place. There is something about London that I just cannot explain. It has a comfort that is unlike anything I have ever experienced! It’s a different feeling than being in the states, however it still seems extremely natural! I may also be biased with the accents around me, which for anyone who has heard me come across a British accent while in the states, my face involuntarily lights up every time I hear it. I do however worry that the Brits will think that I am mocking them when I do start speaking to them and I attempt to talk with an accent. It really is unintentional, it’s just happens! Hopefully ill just pick up an authentic one soon lol

photo (1)Once settled in: I wandered with a few girls to a grocery store and grabbed a few things. I then took care of some PLL stuff… OMG DON’T EVEN GET MR STARTED ABOUT EZRA! After that I grabbed dinner with a few mates at Bocca, a deliciously Italian restaurant near school! I ended up hitting the hay early… Which would be no surprise to my friends back home! Lol I promise ill get out… Once this jet-lag passes!

All in all, I think I am still in shock! London so glad we can continue our relationship longer & hopefully for at least 2 more years after I graduate cause you are amazing and I am obsessed with you!

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